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Story Description: 
Baker Publishing Group|April 1, 2013|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-8007-2109-1 
When an ad for a vacation cottage catches the eye of a man on the edge of burnout, he impulsively sets off to visit the property while his wife and daughters are away.  When he arrives and is ushered through the gate, he finds something far different from the typical vacation retreat.  In fact, it seems he may have found the back door to heaven.  The proprietor and people from his past welcome him with food, rest, and conversation until what started out as a little escape from everyday life turns into an experience he will never forget. 
This imaginative novel explores the big questions we all have about what lies beyond this earthly life.  Readers hungry for a taste of heaven will find in The Gate hope, encouragement, and pure joy. 
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My Review: 
Schuyler Hunt was perusing an ad on the internet for cabins and cottages when one caught his eye.  It was a picture of an old inn that looked similar to the cottage he visited as a child but hadn’t been to in over 40 years.  The ad indicated that the “food and the view were heavenly…”  When his wife, Carol and his daughters decided to turn a shopping spree into a get-a-way, Schuyler decided it would be the perfect time to visit the inn. 
When he arrived he found a lot more than he bargained for and the meaning in the ad of the word “heaven” had a lot more meaning than he ever knew or could dream about. 
Dann Stouten has penned a novel that really tweaks the reader’s imagination.  When I was reading “The Gate” I found myself wishing that I could have the same type of experience that Schuyler was having.  Who knows, perhaps these types of inns/cottages really do exist in our world but we just haven’t found them yet.  The Gate” may just give you some possible answers as to what might go on after we leave this world.  This was a real feel good story!


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