Monday, April 22, 2013


Story Description: 
Baker Publishing|April 2013|Trade Paperback|ISBN:  978-0-8007-2167-1 
He’s looking to take care of his family.  She’s looking to take care of her heart.  Trouble is…love’s looking to take care of them both. 
Cassidy McClare is a spunky Texas oil heiress without a fortune who would just as soon hogtie a man as look at him.  Jilted by a fortune hunter, Cassidy travels west hoping a summer visit with her wealthy cousins in San Francisco will help her forget her heartache.  But no sooner is she settled in beautiful California than Jamie McKenna, a handsome pauper looking to marry well, captures her heart.  Can love prevail when Jamie discovers that Cassidy is poorer than he is?  And can Cassidy ever learn to fully trust her heart to a man? 
My Review: 
Cassidy McClare travels to San Francisco to spend the summer with her wealthy cousins.  She has broken up with her boyfriend and needs the time to heal her broken heart.  Once in San Francisco she runs into the handsomest man named, Jamie McKenna but Cassidy can’t allow herself to trust him because he is gorgeous and she already knows how dangerous good-looking men can be. 
Jamie, on the other hand, has already made up his mind to marry, Cassidy.  He thinks that she is loaded with money and he needs a rich wife to help him pay for the surgery for his crippled sister.  Jamie blames himself for his sister’s condition so he just has to find a way to help her. 
This was a great read and I loved being able to dissect, Jamie as he had so many emotional layers to his personality.  The characters in this story were well fleshed out. 
I will definitely recommend Love At Any Cost and give it a huge thumbs-up! 
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  1. Dear BookBagLady -- WOW!! Thank you SO much for this wonderful review, ESPECIALLY since I know you are not into "heavy romance," because heaven knows everything I write is primarily heavy romance with spiritual life and relationship lessons sown in.

    Thank you again for taking the time to read LAAC and bless me with such a great review!


    1. Julie:

      Thank you so much for your comments. And, you're most welcome for the review. It was truly a beautiful story!