Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Story Description: 

A charming island village in the Puget Sound seems like the perfect place to raise their children when Patricia Koehler and her husband move in.  And the slow pace of life might be just the thing to bring the peace and quiet Patricia longs for.  When she discovers a wonderful friend in Susan – a woman as outgoing as Patricia is shy – she knows she’s made a friend for life.   

Yet all is not as it seems, and the Koehlers are not a perfect couple.  When Patricia shares her secret agony with Susan, she finds the courage to face the problem with the love and support of her friend…but neither woman is prepared for the consequences unleashed by revealing the truth.  

This moving story deals with contemporary family issues that come straight from today’s headlines. 

My Review: 

Ms. Nordberg introduces us to the sad subject of abusive relationships.  Patricia was so happy and so in love with her doctor husband and he was the guy every girl would want.  Taking Patricia on the most beautiful dates, attending to her every need, and lavishing her with flowers and words only endeared her more and more to this wonderful man.  However, once married, the good doctor began to change and became an abusive and obnoxious man.  I found it so hard to read through the beatings he laid on Patricia.   

With the help of God, her good friend Susan and a new community, Patricia is able to begin life anew.  There are so many twists and turns in the novel making for a very suspenseful read.  People often assume because someone is a Christian and has a relationship with God that they would never be in an abusive relationship and that is just not true.  You need more than a relationship with God you need courage and community as well to help you walk back into the light. 

This was one book I just couldn’t put down and ended up reading it in one sitting!!  Don’t miss out on this excellent book that provides us with a very important message.

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