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Story Description: 

The San Francisco Bay area dawns a typical day – sunshine, cool breezes, then rain – the afternoon Kate Langston’s entire world is set off-kilter.  Successful in their careers and happily ensconced in the empty-nest stage of life, Kate and Mike’s twenty-six-year marriage has settled into a comfortable, if somewhat predictable routine.   

A package sent through the mail shatters the world they have created together, and Kate walks out the door certain their marriage is over and wonders if her faith in God will ever be the same.  Mike, devastated by what has happened to their relationship, determines to win back his wife, whatever the cost, even though his company appears on the brink of a criminal investigation.  A voyage in the Pacific seems to be the lifeline he was seeking, but will Kate agree to sail with a husband she no longer trusts?   

My Review: 

Pacific Hope grabbed me from the very first page.  Kate is devastated by the package of photographs she receives in the mail showing her beloved husband, Mike, with another woman.  Kate walks out and flies home to be with her father who is ill with plans to divorce Mike when she returns.  She needs to pray and hopes that her faith in God will lead her in the right direction. 

Mike, on the other hand, has very different plans.  Although his company is being investigated by the FBI and it is not a very good time for him to be away from work, his love for Kate overrides all.  He agrees to pilot a sail boat from San Francisco to Hawaii for his friend and asks Kate to go with him. 

The scenes and happenings on the boat will have you sitting at the edge of your seat!!  At one point I was holding my breath.  Kate finds out just how much faith she still has and prays that God is listening to her to help her out of the predicament she has found herself in. 

Will she save herself and her estranged husband?  Does she truly have the depth of faith she requires? 

Bette Nordberg has done a fantastic job of telling about the workings of piloting a large sail boat.  I found the information very interesting.  I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

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