Thursday, January 12, 2012


Story Description: 

Callie O’Brians ordinary life takes an unexpected detour when social services places a four-year-old orphan, Keeshan Hernandez, in her care.  Overwhelmed, Callie is just about ready to give the boy back to the authorities when Marcus Jefferson suddenly arrives, claiming to be Keeshan’s uncle.   

In the face of Marcus’ challenge, Callie realizes the strength of her ties to the little boy.  Knowing she cannot simply give him to a stranger, Callie mounts a legal battle to keep Keeshan.  Willing to sacrifice everything, Callie is unprepared for the strange attraction she has for Marcus.  Can she let go of her own feelings long enough to do what is best for Keeshan?  Is Marcus worthy of the prize Callie has to offer? 

My Review: 

I’ve quickly come to learn that Bette Nordberg has the uncanny ability to take any mundane, every day situation and turn it into something with substance and meaning. 

Callie is a single woman who runs a coffee shop and an upholstery business and is just making ends meet.  Her friend, Celia, and her four-year-old son, Keeshan, rent the guest house on Callie’s property.  When Celia is killed, Callie is given temporary custody of Keeshan but Callie has never been around kids much and is feeling very inadequate about her skills as a caregiver to Keeshan.  

Just as Callie is settling into a comfortable routine with Keeshan, Marcus Jefferson happens upon the scene.  Marcus is a black man and Keeshan’s uncle.  Here Nordberg opens the subject of interracial relationships.  Callie becomes very protective of Keeshan as Marcus has applied for sole custody, but Callie also finds Marcus very attractive.  However, having grown up with a racist father, the old tapes from her childhood are running through her head.  Can Callie overcome her father’s voice from the past?  Who will win custody of little Keeshan? 

This is a story of accepting the detours that pop up into our lives and of learning to trust ourselves regardless of our past.  I didn’t want this book to end and would love to see Ms. Nordberg write a sequel!!

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