Friday, January 20, 2012


Story Description: 

Anna Larson's daughter, Lauren, is confused, broken-hearted, and misguided. It's the turbulent 1960s and, feeling alienated from her mother, Lauren chooses to stay with her paternal grandmother. However, repelled by the woman's manipulative and spiteful ways, Lauren returns to her mother, the river, and the Inn at Shining Waters.

But as time passes, Lauren, now a mother to her own defiant teenager, faces a new crisis, one that puts the entire family at risk.

My Review: 

Although Lauren was misguided, confused, and alienated from her mother, Anna, I wanted to strangle that girl all throughout the novel.  Lauren had a profound impact on me and I saw her as seriously spoiled!  She was an ungrateful, spoiled, temper-tantrum, whining child, teenager and young adult.  At every turn I was frustrated with her and couldn’t imagine myself parenting her.  On the other hand, I found her mother, Anna, to be a superbly pleasant, loving, tolerant and kind woman. 

Anna worked hard to keep her Inn in tip-top shape for guests and Lauren was no help at all.  When Lauren herself became pregnant and had her daughter, Sarah, history repeated itself but Sarah had her grandma Anna by her side which made her upbringing much better than Lauren’s had been. 

Living on the river as Anna’s relatives had for generations, brought healing and calm to this very dysfunctional family but it took an almost tragic event for Lauren to finally see the light. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would highly recommend it for everyone!

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