Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The story starts in Wilmington, North Carolina in September of 2010. Noelle is planning to commit suicide that night. She said she had no idea that: "...this would be the day she could no longer carry the weight?" Noelle was sitting outside under the moon whispering out loud: "I love you world." The weight of her secret was pressing down on her hard. She turned off her computer and got everything ready and was spending one last time outside under the stars.

Tara has just lost her lawyer husband, Sam, in a car accident and she is grieving. Ian, one of their good friends is taking over Sam's cases and has been at the house a lot going through the case files he had at home.

Grace, Tara and Sam's daughter is avoiding her mother at all costs, she was much closer to her Dad than she is to her Mom, so she too is grieving. But not helping matters is the fact Grace's boyfriend broke up with her before he left for college sending Grace into a whirlwind of more grief, aggravation, and anxiety. Grace is also annoyed because Noelle has been emailing her non-stop asking Grace and Sam's daughter, Jenny, to: "...make things for her babies-need-program and they want no part of it. About an hour later Tara's friend Emerson calls to ask her if she has heard from or seen Noelle? Tara tells her she hasn't spoken to her in 3 days and Emerson says Noelle was supposed to stop by her place last night but never showed up nor called. She was now in her car on her way over to Noelle's house to ask why she didn't show up the evening before. Noelle was a midwife but had given it up a year ago when she started her "babies-in-need program". Giving up her midwifery meant she had to live on her savings.

What Emerson, Tara, Ian, and Grace learn about Noelle will blow your socks off!!! "This was an intensely engaging story of three people with a tragic past, complicated present and an unknown future who must struggle with trust, betrayal, and forgiveness."

June 1, 2011

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