Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Any family thinking about adopting a child from China, MUST read this book! It lays out the laws of adoption, gives extremely credible cultural perspective and gives a compassionate voice to and for the many Chinese women who, heartbreakingly, were forced to abandon or place their beloved children in orphanages.

Xinran does an incredible job at addressing the umimaginable heartache and pain millions of Chinese mothers suffered as they were pressured to abandon their children in the street, leave their crying infant on the steps of a run-down and inadequeate orphanage, and even kill their own child!

Unfortunately, these are the realities of China and for every mother there who has lost a child, they carry unbelievable and undeniable pain, anguish, torment, and suffering that at times, drives them to commit suicide.

This is an emotional book that you MUST read! As a non-Chinese mother, this incredible book evoked emotions deep into my soul and awakened feelings I didn't even know I had. My heart truly goes out to the millions of Chinese mothers and daughters everywhere who don't know each other or who wait to someday to meet again on some plane.

June 15, 2011


  1. Very sad topic, but good review! I feel for those parents who are controlled in how many children they can have and the prejudice towards females.
    thanks, Rae

  2. What a wonderful review of such an important book. Thanks for bringing attention to it!

  3. Rae & Ann:

    The emotion alone in this book is completely overpowering. I felt feelings I didn't even know I had. What a sad existence for these dear Chinese mothers.

    Thanks for your comments!


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