Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sandy Sullivan has accidentally wrapped up her favourite pair of reading glasses and has no idea which box they are in, if any. Maybe they have only become waylaid in this packing nightmare. Sandy is packing up her and her husband Luke's long-time Boston home and moving into a smaller place so they can down-size.

Sandy loves her job as a professional stager and is thrilled when she lands a contract to stage a boutique hotel in Atlanta. Her daughter, Shannon, and her husband, Chance, live in Atlanta so this job will allow Sandy to spend time with her daughter. But then, she learns that Shannon will actually be in Boston for job training which means Sandy will have to live with her son-in-law! This fact does not thrill Sandy at all. Well, it can't be all bad as Sandy's best friend lives there as well and the two of them can get together and fly with some good times, or some not so good times as Sandy is about to find out.

Jay, the man who has hired Sandy to stage his boutique hotel seems like a real nice guy but is he all that he appears?

A hilarious look at family life, friendship and the quirkiness and fun that can flow through your neighbourhood without you even knowing it!

June 22, 2011

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