Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Joanie and Richard are divorced and Joanie has taken a life-long vow to celibacy! Richard is living with, BJ, a girl half his age who is now pregnant and they're getting married. Joanie, almost 50-years-old, is in a divorce support group and only talks to her best friend Mary Margaret outside the group.

Fifteen-year-old teenage daughter, Caroline, is a secretive, manipulative, unhappy girl whose best friend Sondra has just introduced her to marijuana.

Ivy, Joanie's mother, lives with her and Caroline and they don't get along well. Joanie is working full-time again after being an at home Mom for years and Ivy undermines Joanie at every turn.

Joanie is so full of anger at Richard, fed up with listening to her mother that she freaked out one night during dinner after arguing with Ivy and smashed both their dinner plates on the kitchen floor then immediately retreated to her room. That same night, Ivy typed an email to David, her son and Joanie's brother, telling him she's scared and had to lock herself in her bedroom because his sister was throwing plates and she was afraid of being attacked!!! The following day, David phones Joanie to question her about what she is doing to their almost 80-year-old mother! Ivy can be ascerbic and sneaky but sweetly and subtly so.

Three women living together under one roof isn't a great idea, at least not for these three strong headed women. However, given their problems, the amount of fights and arguments they have, when it comes right down to it, they love each other immensely. This was a light-hearted laugh -a-minute book that every woman should read. I'm sure you'll all see a little of yourselves in one of these wonderful characters!

March 16, 2011

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