Sunday, March 6, 2011


Deborah Rodriguez was a hairdresser from Michigan with a degree in cosmetology who decided to move to Afghanistan and teach the women of Kabul how to be beauticians. As she was working out the details of how her hairdressing school would be run, she heard of Mary MacMakin who had already dedicated herself to the women of Aghanistan and was in the process of working on the Kabul Beauty School. Debbie quickly joined forces with Mary and became the first teacher to teach the first class in 2003.

During her years in Kabul she befriended a lot of the women from her classes who themselves went on to teach as well. Her friendships with these women meant a lot as the majority were victims of terrible beatings by their husbands and they were frightened and lacking self-confidence. By educating them Debbie had empowered these women and given them the knowledge and courage to begin working as hairdressers and they often made more money than their spouses.

Kabul Beauty School was a book I couldn't put down and it will provide you with a pleasurable read and a longing to have Debbie as your friend.

March 6, 2011

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