Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The engrossing story of a Beefeater, otherwise known as Yeoman Warder Balthazar Jones. He lives in the Tower of London with his wife Hebe but they are grieving over Milo, the son the lost and their own marriage which is falling apart. The other occupants of the Tower include: a prize-winning Priest who secretly writes pornography under an alias, another Beefeater 'Ravenmaster' who is cheating on his wife, and Mrs. Cook, a 181 year old tortoise. There are other animals living there and they often present with challenges for the Beefeaters, like when a special Etruscan shrew dies, and they tell people it's hibernating!

Balthazar Jones is a complicated man, obsessed with weather and actively collects rain. It is an odd hobby for sure but it's part of how he deals with the loss of his son. It is the very unique details that make the characters of this story come alive.

Julia Stuart has written a fun book that is both serious at times yet laugh-out-loud funny at others. Anyone who picks up this book is in for the long haul!!

March 9, 2011

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