Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'd read Deborah's first book, a memoir titled: "The Kabul Beauty School" and loved it. So of course I've been anxious to read her first debut work of fiction: "A Cup of Friendship".

The novel is centered around the "Kabul Coffee House" in Afghanistant located right in the middle of a war zone. Sunny, an American, is the owner and along with her employees her coffee house is home to a mixed variety of people: a British journalist, a country widow, a wealthy American named Candace and the pregnant Yasmina. These characters are lovable and their good qualities seep through in the story and you'll want to help them overcome their faults yourself.

This was an extremely good book in giving you a bird's eye view of an American working in the dirty and dusty city of Kabul surrounded by her newest friends and family. Deborah's years of living in Afghanistan herself has provided her with a perceptive eye which added to the story, her experiences there leak through into this story giving us a truer picture of what Afghanistan is really like. Well done!

March 15, 2011

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