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Story Description: 

Sarai, the last child of her aged father, is beautiful, spoiled, and used to getting her own way. Even as a young girl, she is aware of the way men look at her, including her half- brother, Abram.  When Abram finally requests Sarai's hand, she asks one thing--that he promise never to take another wife as long as she lives.  Even her father thinks the demand is restrictive and agrees to the union only if Sarai makes a promise in return--to give Abram a son and heir. Certain she can easily do that, Sarai agrees.  But as the years stretch on and Sarai's womb remains empty, she becomes desperate to fulfill her end of the bargain--lest Abram decide that he will not fulfill his. To what lengths will Sarai go in her quest to bear a son?  And how long will Abram's patience last?  Jill Eileen Smith thrilled readers with The Wives of King David series. Now she brings to life the strong and celebrated wives of the patriarchs, beginning with the beautiful and inscrutable, Sarai. 

My Review: 

This was a beautiful story and followed the scripture in the Bible carefully.  I love the way this author writes, her words were true to the era in which these events took place.  I could feel the fresh air, see Abram and Sarai as they might have looked, and could hear the sounds of the crackling fires and the noises in the tents. 

I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to be alive during this time.  Although there were many tragedies and some very difficult and hard times, I would love to experience a day in the life of these people. 

Jill Eileen Smith has made the story of Sarah and Abraham come to life and is well worth the read.  Don’t miss it! 

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