Friday, March 30, 2012


Story Description:

Will Marny Toogood be able to stop a deranged kidnapper and a serial killer before it’s too late? Gas station attendant Marny Toogood thinks it’s just another ordinary day on the job until an urgent message from a young girl in the backseat of a car draws him into a daring rescue attempt. Now he is on the run with Esther and William Rose from their insane uncle who thinks it is his mission from God to protect William, a boy with incredible faith that gives him supernatural powers.  They flee to Esther and William’s estranged father, Harold Rose, only to find him also out for murder.  Later their nightmare gets worse when Harold kidnaps Esther and takes her to an underground lair where he is part of a grisly occult group who is stealing the blood of their victims and infusing themselves with it.  In the end, William’s gift saves them all.  Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you’re being chased by something and no matter what you do or how fast you run, you just can’t seem to get away, can’t seem to put distance between you and them? That’s the feeling this story evokes. 

My Review: 

I was totally enraptured with this story when I began its first pages.  I was turning the pages rapidly, trying to read faster and faster it was so captivating.  Suddenly, the story began to downslide into a silly, unbelievable fantasy world that just ruined the entire book for me.  I did finish it only because I’d already invested my time and didn’t have anything else left to read so I pushed on. What really annoyed me was that the beginning was so good and this could have been an absolutely exciting novel had the author re-thought the path he was going down and sticking to more of a realistic type theme. 

If I had the chance to choose this book all over again, I’d leave it on the shelf.

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