Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've been reading like crazy over the past few days.  I was reading one book during daytime hours and then reading this story of Martha, on my KOBO e-reader in the evenings.  That's what happens when you've got insomnia at night.  Thank goodness there are so many books!

Story Description:

She has spent her life caring for others--will she ever find someone who will cherish her? 

Martha's entire life is marked by her responsibilities to her family. In the absence of her mother, she runs the household, makes the meals, cares for her father, and attempts to keep her absentminded younger sister on task. In the midst of her duties, will she ever find time to live her own life--or find her own love?

This touching, well-researched portrayal of Martha of Bethany, sister of Mary and Lazarus, unveils the woman within the Bible character. Through Diana Wallis Taylor's lush descriptions and inspired fusion of imagined and recorded dialogue, Martha's world--her trials, triumphs, and loves--vibrantly comes to life. 

Follow Martha as she navigates the complicated worlds of family, faith, and love . . . and you'll never read her story the same way again.
My Review:

Martha lives with her father Ephraim, her sister Mary, and her brother, Lazarus in Bethany.  Being of the marriage age, Ephraim has been approached by Gera and his wife, Rhumah about their son, Phineas marrying Martha.  Phineas is an only son and Martha is excited and is anxious about the waiting time until Gera and his wife make their decision. 

Martha is a tall young woman and taller than most of the other girls in Bethany.  She lost her mother, Jerusha two years ago and did the best she could for her father, her 12-year-old brother, and 10-year-old-Mary. Martha herself is only fifteen-years-old. 

The house they lived in was made of brick reinforced with straw and plastered over with lime and clay.  Ephraim was a brick maker and was teaching Lazarus how to make strong bricks out of clay and straw.  The roof of the house was made of reeds and sticks that were coated in thick clay. 

Little Mary often goes to help a neighbour, Adah, a woman too old to help in the fields, so she asks Mary to come and help her look after two or three small children who are too young to help harvest. 

With all the duties Martha must perform will she ever find time or happiness for herself?  Everyone else around her has their needs met by Martha, but who is there to meet Martha’s needs? 

I enjoyed this book so much.  The story is compelling and the attention to detail proves the level of research Mrs. Wallis-Taylor has done on this period in history.  The story of Martha was captivating and I felt as though I was there.  I could picture myself walking along the dusty road from Bethany to Jerusalem with Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.  This was just a beautifully written story that you’ll fall in love with.

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