Friday, August 26, 2011


Story Description:

With their thirtieth birthdays looming, Jen, Holly, and Amanda are feeling the pressure to hit certain milestones-score the big promotion, find a soul mate, have 2.2 kids. Instead, they make a pact to quit their jobs, leave behind everything familiar, and embark on a yearlong round-the-world search for inspiration and direction.

Traveling 60,000 miles across four continents, Jen, Holly, and Amanda push themselves far outside their comfort zones to embrace every adventure. Ultimately, theirs is a story of true friendship-a bond forged by sharing beds and backpacks, enduring exotic illnesses, trekking across mountains, and standing by one another through heartaches, whirlwind romances, and everything in the world in between. 

My Review:

Jen, Holly, and Amanda have decided to leave New York and take a 60,000 mile around-the-world journey that will take them across four continents and more than twelve countries.  They’re calling themselves: “The Lost Girls”, a term which describes their uncertainty about the future and an emotional state they feel represents many in their generation.  They committed to spending one year of their late 20’s to wander the globe.

Jen was giving up her marketing coordinator job for a music television network and both Amanda and Holly were giving up their cutthroat magazine jobs.  By the time they pack up to leave on their whirlwind tour, all the girls are turning 28-years-of-age.

They make stops in Salvador, Brazil; Maasai Village, Oronkai, Kenya; Kiminini, Kenya (where they volunteered for a month to work for the ‘Common Ground Program’, a grassroots non-governmental organization that houses a primary school called: ‘Pathway Academy’ that serves hundreds of children, many who are orphans or have at least one parent dead or seriously ill); Lima, Peru where they hiked the 26 mile long Inca Trail which has an altitude of 14,000 feet; an Indian Ashram; and New Zealand to name a few.  They make some great friends along the way and even meet someone who’s from New York!

This was a most enjoyable read and during certain parts of their trip, I wish I had of been with them!  This would make a great movie!!


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