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Story Description:
Baker Publishing Group|January 21, 2014|Hardcover|ISBN: 978-0-7642-1263-5

True Story of Courage and Compassion in a School Under Seige

As 870 children waited in fear, their elementary school rushed into lockdown mode. As the nation faced yet another Sandy Hook story of tragedy, one woman rewrote the ending.

Yet the story doesn't start with those first steps Michael Hill took into that Atlanta elementary school. It starts with Antoinette Tuff, a woman who faced her own pain, hurt, and rejection, yet held onto grace, faith, and hope. A hope that anchored her in the most high stakes of moments, a grace that allowed her to empathize with a hurting young man, and a faith that gave her the courage to love him back from the brink.

This is more than just the amazing account of tragedy averted. It's the evidence of what we can do when we allow ourselves to be used by God. And it's a story of how God uses all of our life experiences - the good and the bad - to prepare us for our own moment of divine purpose.
My Review:
PREPARED FOR A PURPOSE is an inspiring story that shows us what we can do when we live with purpose and listen to God's commands for our life. "What are we going to do now?" Antoinette asked God as the shooter entered the school that day. Using Antoinette as a vessel, she was able to both sympathize and empathize with Michael Hill and how he was feeling that day. So sure that he was going to die on that very day but God had other plans and through Antoinette and her calm, loving, and compassionate demeanor, she was able to talk him back from the brink and avert a tragedy.

Anyone else sitting in the office that day, I'm sure would not have been as successful as Antoinette was. She, in her own life, had felt the hopelessness, the pain, and the hurt that Michael Hill was feeling that day and knew instinctively what to say. Not only did she say the right words, but she "meant" them with a conviction that came from her heart and that clearly came across to Michael Hill.

PREPARED FOR A PURPOSE is a beautiful true story for everyone to read who wants to be reminded that we ARE here for a purpose and that is to serve God and ask Him daily "What is it that I can do for you today?"

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