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Story Description:
Harlequin | September 24, 2013 | Mass Market Paperbound|ISBN: 978-0-7783-1554-4


Through the eyes of a killer.


Rachel de Luca has found incredible success writing self-hlep books. Biut her own blindness and the fact that her troubled brother has gone missing have convinced her that positive thinking is nothing but bull.

Her cynicism wavers when a cornea transplant restores her sight. The new eyes seem to give her new life, until they prove too good to be true and she starts seeing terrifying visions of brutal murders, crimes she soon learns are all too real.

Detective Mason Brown's own brother recently died, leaving behind a horrific secret. In atonement, Mason donated his brother's organs, though he's kept the fact quiet. Now he wants to help Rachel find her brother, but when he discovers the shocking connection between her visions and his own brother, he suddenly has to do everything in his power to save her from a predator who is somehow still hunting from beyond the grave.

My Review:
Rachel de Luca is blind but is an author who pens self-help books but doesn't believe in half the stuff she writes about. A lot of the things he writes about are things people already know, she just puts her own spin on it to make sound more authoratative.

Her brother has gone missing and she seeking help from the police who don't necessarily want to take her very seriously since he is a grown man, however she is promised that someone will get on it right away.

After leaving the police station she steps off the curb and gets by a car driven by a police Detective named Mason Brown. Soon they are having a conversation about her brother and he promises to help her find him. But little does Rachel realize that Mason Brown has his troubles with his own brother and after he dies, Mason decides to donate all his brother's viable organs to various people. But what Mason doesn't know it the secret that his brother, Eric, left behind before he died.

After Rachel's receives a cornea transplant she begins experiencing horrible visions of murders. Like she is in the body of the murderer watching him hack his victims to death. Soon however, Mason finds a shocking truth - that there is more between his brother, Eric and Rachel than he thought. He now must find someway to save Rachel from someone who is hunting her from the grave.

SLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON was supremely suspenseful and a thriller of a read. I found this to be a deeply satisfying and gripping read!

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