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Smite Publications|November 1, 2013|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 97809851234

Remorse...All Sean Kincaid wanted was to use his Special Operative skills to bring a domestic terrorist to justice. But he left a trail of bodies in his wake: foes, colleagues - an an innocent woman. Now he's pursued by enemies, while desperately searching for a way to make amends. Revenge...Deirdre Monahan was expecting a happy afternoon with her cousin Anna. But she found a corpse abandoned like trash - and no one who could tell her why. Now Deirdre's looking for answers, and bent on giving whoever killed Anna the gift of knowing Deirdre's pain. In Ashes, Sean sacrificed everything. In this thrilling sequel, there will be...a Reckoning.

Reckoning is one of the most thrilling and suspenseful novels I've read in a long time. Ms. Cozy knows her characters well and delves into the intracacies of their personalities and what makes them tick.

In Reckoning we are introduced to Deirdre Monahan who is the cousin of Anna. Deirdre looks very much like Anna that it startles a lot of people. She is having a very, very difficult time coping with and accepting Anna's death, they were very close.

Deirdre decides she is going to investigate and find out who is responsible for Anna's death but what she doesn't know is just how dangerous this plan is going to be. She will be dealing with some very tough people who have no respect for life whatsoever and ends up in a few nail-biting moments.

Sean Kincaid is still on his quest to ensure Jennifer Thomson is okay. He and Deirdre eventually meet up in a scene that had me biting my own nails. I was almost afraid to see what was going to happen.

Kelly Cozy is such an amazing author who gives real voices to what seems real people. You almost forget that you're reading fiction. Her characters are so well-developed that I feel as though I know each one personally.

I would highly recommend that you read Book One "Ashes" first so you can get a better idea of the background and how all this started. You can read "Reckoning" as a stand-alone, but I promise you'll enjoy the sequel much more if you read Book One first.

I'm really hoping there will be a Book Three! Great job, Ms. Cozy you've made a fan for life!!

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