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Story Description: 
Pajama Press|October 1, 2011|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-9869495-0-0 
A person doesn’t have to do anything important to get recognition anymore; it’s enough to know someone who does.  Parasitic fame, Casey was more than just a dependable camp counselor dedicated to her little buddies in Cabin Three.  She was a brilliant student looking forward to a scholarship and a future career in entomology.  Casey wasn’t the kind of girl who would be stuck in a town like Galloway the rest of her life.  She was really going places.  And nobody knew this better than Jess, Casey’s best friend.  So how could a girl like Casey be arrested for the murder of a young camper under her care…Jess believes her friend is innocent and that the real killer will be caught, but in the meantime, she finds herself the reluctant center of attention.  After all, she was also a counselor in Cabin Three.  Jess must know something…right?  Readers will be readily sympathize with Jess, whose life begins to spin out of control.  But award-winning author Deborah Ellis brings much more to the character of her complex and troubled narrator, who may not be entirely reliable.  As the events surrounding the final weeks of August are slowly unveiled, readers will begin to question the very nature of friendship and how one finds the moral courage to be loyal, no matter what the consequences.   
My Review: 
This is the synopsis from the back cover of the book: 
“When Casey is arrested for murder, best friend Jess tries to convince police investigators they’ve made a terrible mistake.  After all, she and Casey were camp counselors together and both responsible for little Stephanie, who disappeared under their watch.  But even though Jess has told the investigators everything she knows, they aren’t satisfied.  She’s getting sick of their questions; even Casey’s lawyer won’t leave her alone.  Jess has to wait for the middle of the night before she can find a little peace, riding her bike aimlessly through the darkened streets of their small town – planning her next move. 
In a fresh departure from her novels set in developing countries award-winning author Deborah Ellis brilliantly recreates the inner world of an emotionally confused teen who struggles to find the moral courage to remain loyal to a friend in need.” 
I enjoyed this novel, however, I prefer Ms. Ellis’ other books that are more non-fiction.

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