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HarperCollins Publishers|October 16, 2012|Hardcover|ISBN: 978-1-44340-861-5 
For sixty years, Lloyd Robertson lived his dream of working in broadcasting bringing us the major events of the day.  The longest-serving TV news anchor in Canadian history, first on CBC and then on CTV, Robertson remains one of the most accomplished journalists of our time.  His career is truly the story of Canada over the past half century, as he told us about key events like the moon landing, JFK’s assassination, Trudeaumania, Terry Fox’s run, the Montreal Massacre, 9/11, and the royal weddings. 
In The Kind of Life It’s Been, Robertson shares the inside story and the insights he has gained over his long career, from breaking into the business in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, to joining the CBC to his highly public departure for CTV to his career as senior editor of CTV News.  Filled with fascinating and often hilarious anecdotes about Robertson’s career, this book captures the essential tales of our time and is a must for any Canadian interested in the inner workings of a frenetic newsroom. 
My Review: 
Who doesn’t love Lloyd Robertson?  Lloyd’s memoir will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied as if you’ve just sat down and finished a long, well-deserved homemade turkey dinner.  No one has been in broadcasting as long as our dear Lloyd and he has the credentials to prove it. 
I was somewhat surprised to learn of his mother’s problems and his father’s older age, he certainly didn’t have much of a childhood and I felt he was lonely a lot of the time but always managed to find himself something to do.  He was self-motivated from the word go and it’s not at all surprising he became so very successful. 
The Kind of Life It’s Been is a riveting story about a man who truly is Canada’s voice!  Lloyd is a man who is not only known and loved in Canada, but around the world!


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