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Story Description: 

Baker Publishing Group|May 1, 2012|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-7642-0810-2 

New Contemporary Novel from an Award-Winning Author Ann Tatlock 

 Jane Morrow has a dilemma.  She’s engaged to Seth Ballantine, a member of the National Guard’s 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team and he’s returned from Iraq severely wounded.  Jane hasn’t seen him for nearly a year and with trepidation she heads to the VA hospital in Asheville, North Caroline where he is being treated.  Seth isn’t happy to see her.  He’d asked her not to come.  He wants to end the relationship.  But Jane loves him, and despite his injury, she’s determined to convince him that they can have a life together.  Her faith has never been strong, yet she hopes God will answer her prayers and tell her what to do.  Beautifully written, Travelers Rest takes readers on a journey through pain and tragedy to a place of hope and redemption. 

My Review: 

This was simply the most beautifully written, heart-warming, yet heart-breaking story I’ve read in a long while.  Seth and Jane were engaged to be married until Seth returned from the war in Iraq as a quadriplegic with an attitude that his life is totally over.  Having been a carpenter Seth can no longer use his arms or hands and wishes he had died.  He told Jane not to come and see him, to move on and forget about him but of course, Jane wasn’t about to allow that to happen. 

Jane went to see Seth and he wasn’t happy to see her.  As hard as he made that first visit for her, the more determined she was to stay and help him through the pain of what he has lost.  Seth, on the other hand, doesn’t want help and asks Jane to help him die but she won’t have any part in that either.  Jane is still in love with Seth and wants to marry him but Seth won’t allow it and tells her he can’t deal with the engagement while dealing with everything else and tells her to remove her engagement ring. 

In the meantime, Jane meets Truman, a retired 70ish year-old doctor who lives at the VA hospital and helps out with the patients and keeps an eye on things.  He and Jane strike up a friendship that will grow into something absolutely beautiful. 

Jane doesn’t know what to do.  Should she leave Seth and move on like he wants her to, forgetting all about him?  Should she stay and insist they continue forward with their wedding and become a nurse to him instead of a wife?  She needs someone to tell her what to do and wants to ask God but she’s never gone to church and doesn’t know how to pray.  However, through her talks with Truman, Jane finds exactly the answers she was looking for and ends up with much more than she bargained for making for a very happy ending. 

At 342 pages I read this in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down.  Ann Tatlock has a special way of telling a story, she’s a genius and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work. 

**Special thanks to Bethany House for the preview copy!**

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