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Story Description: 

HarperCollins(UK)|November 14, 2011|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-00-744262-1 

Eight-year-old Michael is part of a family of two, but with his beloved father given only months to live and his mother having died when he was a toddler, he could soon become an orphan.  Will Cathy’s own young family be able to handle a child in mourning?  To Cathy’s surprise, her children insist that this boy deserves to be as happy as they are, prompting Cathy to welcome Michael into her home. 

A cheerful and carefree new member of the family, Michael devotedly prays every night, believing that when the time is right, angels will come and take his Daddy to be with his Mommy in heaven.  However, incredibly, in the weeks that pass, the bond between Cathy’s family, Michael and his kind and loving father, Patrick, grows.  Even more promising, Patrick is looking healthier than he’s done in weeks. 

But just as they are settling into a routine of blissful normality, an unexpected and disastrous event shatters the happy group, shaking Cathy to the core.  Cathy can only hope that her family and Michael’s admirable faith will keep him strong enough to rebuild his life.   

My Review: 

A well-written and beautiful story of one young boy’s struggle with the impending death of his father.  Eight-year-old, Michael, had already lost his mother when he was just a toddler so and he and his beloved Dad, Patrick, have been a two family home since that time and they have a bond like no other. 

When Patrick ends up in hospital dying from cancer, Cathy takes in Michael and worries that her own children may be affected by the gloomy circumstances but much to everyone’s surprise her own children take to Michael like a brother. 

However, when Patrick dies, things change quickly and it wasn’t what I was expecting.  Excellent novel that everyone should read!

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