Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Story Description: 

Chronicling a 25-year career of capturing more than 6,000 fugitives--as well as starring in his own reality show on A&E--Chapman reveals his violent and inspirational journey in this extraordinary "New York Times"-bestselling memoir, all told with his trademark bravado. 

My Review: 

Duane “Dog” Chapman has led an unbelievable life.  Many times he was destitute, feeding his kids’ cat food, living on food stamps, and welfare.  Somehow he always managed to pull himself up by the bootstraps and climb out of whatever dark hole he was in.  At times he was so down and at times ready to give up but his faith in God kept him going. 

He cared deeply for his mother and loved her deeply and never wanted to disappoint her but like all children, he did disappoint her at times.  However, her unconditional love for her son shone through every bad thing he ever did. 

It’s no secret that the Dog loved his woman and he was quite explicit in telling of his forays with the many, many women he had in his life and is proud of the fact that he has fathered 12 children with different women.  Underneath the scary looks, the bad dude image, Duane “Dog” Chapman is a family man at heart who cares for and loves his family beyond measure.  There is nothing more important to him than his wife, Beth, and all their children. 

This was an honest look at a man who himself admits to making a lot of mistakes in his life but the difference is, he learned from those mistakes.  The fugitives he captures today always get a second chance with the “Dog”.  This was a very interesting read to say the least.

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