Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Story Description: 

Raymond Chandler meets David Sedaris-the first in a dynamite new cozy series that's "a lot of fun, full of unexpected depths and twists." -Josh Bazell, bestselling author of Beat the Reaper

Amy Carter is missing.  And there's no one less capable of finding her than Max Bravo. 

Max Bravo is a mid-rung opera singer with a diva's towering ego. And he doesn't do favors. Not until the day he visits a troubled friend in Berkeley and offers to walk her dog.
Max quickly discovers the local dog park. It's an odd, private little world-a preserve for neighborhood crackpots and lay-abouts, and, incidentally, their dogs.

But, the park regulars are friendly. Clubby. They even serve beer. Before long, Max can't stay away.
When one of the regulars disappears, Max's interest in the dog park turns to obsession. Amy Carter - beautiful, adored, pregnant, has vanished. The circumstances bode the worst.

What happened to Amy? The dog park club has brewed up a theory. And they mean to prove it.

My Review: 

I thought the cover of this book was great which was what drew me to it in the first place.  However, the story inside was not at all what I expected.  The writing was sloppy and the main character was very annoying.  For a man, he was selfish, vain, jealous, and very cruel to some of the other members of the group. 

I heard this was going to be a “series” but I won’t be reading it. 

Very disappointing!!


  1. I love the premise of the book and would have picked it up too. Too bad you didn't find it appealing! Love the cover!

  2. Too bad it is such a disappointment. The blurb looked like it could be really good. I love our dog park!

    1. Yes, I thought the synopsis of the book looked really interesting, but boy, was I ever disappointed.

      Thanks for commenting.