Friday, October 28, 2011


Story Description: 

Mia Rathbun is an overworked and underpaid Chicago social worker who belongs to PETA and recycles the tops of pizza boxes. Her boyfriend, Lars, is a free-spirited freelance writer (read: mooch) who disdains the conventions of marriage but is happy to build a life with Mia. That is until Mia becomes pregnant.

Left on her own, Mia just begins to accustom herself to the looming prospect of single parenthood when her mother, Babs, shows up to "help." The two have an estranged relationship but are forced to acknowledge their connection as Mia's belly grows and she has few other options. The story is told with Stuart's characteristic irreverent and authentic humour with healthy doses of poignancy and grace.

My Review: 

Ms. Stuart never fails to make you laugh and fall in love with characters that are so real they could be your best friend.  Mia is shocked to discover she’s pregnant and isn’t sure how to take it until she tells her live-in, moochy boyfriend, Lars.  When she thinks about it she decides she’s happy and tells Lars who appears less than pleased but is willing to go along with whatever Mia wants to do or does he? 

Enter Barbara, a.k.a “Babs”, fresh off the cruise ship from her job as a hostess.  Bad enough that Mia and Babs have endured an estranged relationship for years but it gets worse when Babs moves in to an apartment on the first floor of the same building as Mia.  Talk about a little too-close-for-comfort. 

As Mia’s pregnancy progresses, things begin to heat up until they boil over at shower hosted by Babs which Mia ends up walking out of. 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll feel a real sense of kinship with STRETCH MARKS, don’t miss it!!

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