Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Story Description:

Cassie Whittington’s inheritance of $15 million is on hold while vengeful family members contest the will.  But the potential loss is the least of her worries – her ex-husband has re-entered her life and is wreaking havoc on her relationship with Sam Barlow, her boss at the landscape company.  Cassie has to make a choice: return to her old life with Charlie or start a new life with Sam.  An added complication is a police investigation involving Livvie, Cassie’s dearest friend, and Livvie’s fiancé, who is accused of murdering the head chef at a prestigious local restaurant.  Truffles and treachery may combine, preventing Cassie from making any choices ever again. 

My Review: 

Poor Cassie, I don’t think she knows if she’s coming or if she’s going.  I love her character and her wit!  On the one hand she appears a bit like an airhead but really she’s sharp as a tack and nothing escapes her.  I think the hardest part of her relationship with Sam is putting up with his ex-wife Sheilah who, in my opinion, is a real witch.  Between being there for Livvie, sorting out her feelings for her ex-Charlie, keeping her relationship with Sam going, and being forced to make decisions that are difficult, Cassie handles herself with a tempered hand but still can’t decide what she ultimately wants to do.  I can’t wait to read the last book in this series so I can find out! 

This was an excellent read, had me pulled in from page one and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. 

**Thank you to J L Wilson for the preview copy which I won in a contest!!**

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  1. What a great review! Interesting. Don't you just love the title!