Saturday, May 14, 2011


Baba Segi is a chubby, worthless but successful middle-aged man. His appetite for food, women, and sex are insatiable and is head of a house full of four wives: Iya Segi, Iya Tope, Iya Femi, and Bolanle. Each wife has her own quirky personality: Iya Segi was Baba's first wife who wields her power over the other wives, was malicious and would stop at nothing to preserve her position as the favoured wife and ruler of Baga Segi's home; Iya Tope was Baba's second wife who was bashful and timid. She was a decent woman whose hunger for life overshadowed her fears; Iya Femi was Baba Segi's third wife with expensive tastes and was a glutton for all things she desired no matter the cost; Bolanle is Baba's fourth and final wife and unlike the other women, Bolanle is an educated and intelligent woman who must put up with unkind words from the other three wives. Their jealousy of Bolanle is palpable. One day the other wives make some food meant for Bolanle but one of the other wives' children ate it and died! Will Baba Segi find out about this?

Baba Segi was deeply disturbed that Bolanle wasn't able to produce him any children like his other three wives and forces her to see a doctor. This turns out to be Baba Segi's undoing.

This was a fabulous story with well developed characters and plot lines. I would recommend it for everyone.

May 14, 2011

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