Sunday, May 1, 2011


NOTE*** This is the second journal of "The Walk Series". The first was titled: "The Walk". "MILES TO GO" continues where "The Walk" left off. Book #3 will be released in April, 2012.

Alan Christoffersen, thirty-two-years old, is writing the second journal of his walk from a hospital bed. His plan to walk to Key West, Florida from Seattle, Washington was interrupted when he was mugged, stabbed, and left to die on the side of the road in Spokane, Washington. Sixteen weeks earlier, within a 5-week period, Alan lost his precious wife, McKale, his home, and his business. He decided to leave everything behind and go on a cross country journey - walking! He chose to walk to Key West, a 3,500 mile walk as it was the furthest spot on his map. But the unexpected attack has interrupted Alan's journey. He is facing months of hard recovery and has nowhere to live until he meets a woman, Angel, who is sitting beside his bed when he wakes up.

Alan had previously lived in a 2 million dollar home, was a highly successful advertising executive, and was married to his gorgeous and beloved wife, McKale. Alan's partner in his advertising business, Craig, stole his clients while he was at the hospital caring for McKale. After his business went under and he lost everything, he had his assistant, Falene, liquidate office furniture and other items and deposit the money in a bank account to finance his journey. In order to survive, he just packed up his belongings and started his trek.

This is a story of contrasts: "...about living and dying, about suffering and pain, about loss and emotions, and hope, despair, and healing." Alan doesn't know yet whether he's walking away from his past, or into his future.

Come with me on this walk as we follow along with Alan for this is truly an unbelievable walk and he learns important life lessons from the people he meets, and leaves them with a bit of his own wisdom.

May 1, 2011


  1. Sounds like an incredible story, and journey. Definitely want to find out more!

  2. Deborah, I hope you will track down last year's first book, "The Walk". Paul is writing a 5-year story about this walk with a book a year to be released.

    Thanks for your lovely comment.