Thursday, February 10, 2011


Considered to be the world's best bounty hunter (and I happen to agree), Duane "Dog" Chapman lays out in this book his ways of catching fugitives, the mistakes he's made in his life, the capture of Andrew Lustre in Mexico then finding himself in jail over it. I believe that incident took a huge toll on Dog and one he'll never forget. I think it was terribly unfair that he was NOT awarded the $300,000.00 award for Lustre's capture.

Dog is a deeply spiritual man who loves God, Beth and the rest of his family. Nothing else is closer to him in his life and his sincerity is genuine.

Dog understands the criminal's mind and the way they work and think as he himself was a criminal, spending time in Huntsville prison in Texas. He understands what makes them tick, what gets their goat, which buttons to push when on a bounty and trying to locate the scum that skipped the bond. You need to remember that Dog himself was once a drug addict and on the wrong side of the law. Dog has seen it all and done it all and although he only has a Grade 7 education, he is an extremely intelligent man who is worldly and knowledgeable about so, so many things.

Dog beat the strong odds against him by busting out of his drug addicted, gang-banger, prisoner ways and became a man to be looked up to and admired. He has a huge fan base from around the world and people flock to meet him, they know deep in their hearts that he is a sincere man who deeply feels every word he says. The advice he gives his jumps when he captures them is real, authentic and heartfelt. Dog is the man of "second chances!"

I would highly recommend this book to everyone, you'll be surprised at the man you're about to meet in this memoir. If you had a negative perception of Dog previous to reading this book, I can almost guarantee that pretty much everyone who chooses to read this WILL change their mind.

All the best Dog, keep on keeping the streets safe!

January 25, 2011

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