Thursday, February 26, 2015


WELL IN TIME is the sequel to Suzan's second novel 'Fiesta of Smoke' but most definitely can be read as a stand-alone.

Javier Cartena and Calypso Searcy return for another exciting, sit-at-the-edge-of-your-seat adventure! An ancient gold locket, which was a gift, has the ability to tell the future; sometimes through a whispered word, sometimes during a dream. Calypso also has the ability to wander through different worlds; the present and a world where she meets a group known as 'The Ghosts'. They are a very dark, scary, mysterious group who mean business.

While searching the locket's past, Calypso and Javier's ranch in Mexico is attacked by a certain drug cartel. Along with their good friend, Walter Hill, Calypso manages to escape unseen. Thus begins her journey through another world where everything she ever knew about herself is tested to the nth degree - her physical strength, her endurance, her emotional and spiritual strengths. WELL IN TIME has such a stong mystical aspect to it that Calypso carefully straddles the line that divides worlds and tests her ability to stand in either.

My favourite part of the book is when Calypso takes us through the caves and into the tunnels. You won't believe what she goes through and will want to keep reading and reading. Some of the tunnels are so constricting we don't know whether she is going to get through or have to turn back again and again to locate an alternate route. Ms. Still's writing is so descriptive and vivid that you'll feel like you literally can't breathe as you transverse the tunnels with Calypso. You almost have to the put the book down to catch your breath and psyche yourself up that you can do this, never mind Calypso! The writing is just phenomenal.

Through their struggles both Calypso and Javier learn that there is more to life than they both thought and that you don't always have to be together to accomplish your goals. You can change, you can be alone and be okay with that, and you can force yourself to be a more positive influence in this world and on the people around you.

Suzan Still has outdone herself with WELL IN TIME. She is a literary queen with the ability to pen the most beautiful prose, creating characters, and plotting her story to get the most bang for the buck.

I whole-heartedly believe WELL IN TIME is going to be a huge success and I wish Ms. Still great success. Thank you for providing me with the best two days of reading I've done in quite some time.

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