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Atria Books | June 17, 2014 | Trade Paperback

Story Description:
Neda is born in Iran's Evin Prison, where her mother is allowed to nurse her for a few months before an anonymous guard appears at the cell door one day and simply takes her away. In another part of the city, three-year-old Omid witnesses the arrests of his political activist parents from his perch at their kitchen table, yogurt dripping from his fingertips. More than twenty years after the violent, bloddy purge that took place inside Tehran's prison, Sheida learns that her father was one of those executed, that the silent void firmly planted between her and her mother all these years was not just the sad loss that comes with death but the anguish and the horror of murder.

These are the Children of the Jacaranda Tree. Set in post-revolutionary Iran from 1983 to 2011, this stunning debut novel follows a group of mothers, fathers, children, and lovers, some related by blood, others brought together by the tide of history that washes over their lives. Finally, years later, it is the next generation that is left with the burden of the past and their country's tenuous future as a new wave of protest and political strife begins.
My Review:
A totally spellbinding read for sure! The lives of these people is unbelievable and what they lived through is heartbreaking. I couldn't imagine being born in a prison and then as a mother having my baby literally torn from my arms never to be seen again. THE CHILDREN OF THE JACARANDA TREE is a story that revolves around the children and the suffering they incur due to the political beliefs of their parents. A book that isn't easily put down.

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