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Iguana Books|June 10, 2014|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-1-77180-044-0

Lexus Sam is a thrilling read full of suspense, mystery, intrigue, and lots of detective work trying to figure out who is who. Lexus Sam calls himself Lexus because he doesn't know who he really is, as he is suffering from amnesia.

Lexus lives in Manhattan but he only remembers living in a beachfront house in California. The problem lies in the fact that the Manhattan apartment he's currently living in is leased out to someone by the name of Adam Williams. The owner of the building says that Lexus and Adam are the same person. And, Lexus has credit cards, photo I.D., a high school diploma from A.D. Strong Secondary School, and a birth certificate all in the name of Adam Williams. How can this be possible?

What about Sarah? The supposed love of his life with the yellow rose tattoo that he remembers so vividly. They were in love and happy, weren't they?

Lexus eventually gets himself involved with this Dr. Renesque whom I didn't like from the beginning. Something about this guy just rubbed me the wrong way. He proclaims to be able to recover memories through the use of hypnosis and regressing Lexus back through his life. For Lexus, the appointments with Dr. Renesque only make matters worse by confusing the whole situation to the point that Lexus himself begins to ponder this guy's motives. I felt like I kept wanting to scream at Lexus to STOP seeing this moron!! I was feeling more and more frustrated with each session he attended. Soon Lexus is so confused himself that he can't separate fact from fiction anymore. How is he ever going to find out who he really is and where he really belongs?

Lexus Sam was a page-turner from beginning to end and one that I will be highly recommending to everyone. I'm also looking foward to more of BP Gallucci's work in the future.

I would also like to thank Mr. Gallucci for sending me this ARC copy in trade for a fair and honest review. The words above are purely my own and written without input or persuassion from others.

Great book, well-done!! Lexus Sam will be released on June 10, 2014. DON'T MISS IT!!

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