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My Review:
Hyperion|January 21, 2014|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-1-4013-4194-7

Recently widowed and rendered penniless by her Ponzi-scheming husband, Julia Bishop is eager to start anew. So when a stranger appears on her doorstep with a job offer, she finds herself accepting the mysterious yet unique position: caretaker to his mother, Amaris Sinclair, the famous and rather eccentric horror novelist whom Julia has always admired...and who the world believes is dead.

When she arrives at the Sinclairs' enormous estate on Lake Superior, Julia begins to suspect that there may be sinister undercurrents to her "too-good-to-be-true" position. As Julia delves into the reasons of why Amaris chose to abandon her successful writing career and withdraw from the public eye, her search leads to unsettling connections to her own family tree, making her wonder why she really was invited to Havenwood in the first place, and what monstrous secrets are still held prisoner within its walls.

I fell in love with Amaris and Julia both. One minute, Amaris was acting like an old frail woman and the next she was out horseriding. Depending on the day, you just never knew what to expect from her.

Julia was a sweetheart but very intelligent and she knew something was amiss in this house of horrors she entered but didn't know what exactly. How she stayed in that house is way beyond me because after my first sighting of a ghost I would have been long gone. Just the description of the old house was enough to put some trepidation in me and I doubt very much I could sleep in a room, on one floor by myself. Maybe with heavily armed guards but not alone.

This was a very fast paced book that kept me turning the pages faster and faster. I just couldn't put it down and couldn't turn the pages fast enough. This is definitely a keeper and I'll be looking for more of Wendy Webb's work for sure. Great book!

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