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Story Description:
ForWard Publishing|January 11, 2011|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-9789008-0-9

Ward Foley was born with multiple birth defects and very little chance to live. But he did, only to undergo decades of surgery, agonizing rehabilitation, ridicule, and humiliation. He was also severely burned in a deep fryer, beat up, and almost killed by a drunk driver. But that's not what this book is about.

It turns out that each "scar" in his life brought Foley one step closer to the people and experiences that would give him what he wanted most.

After the death of a close friend, Foley found himself entering the world of hospice care and a circle of people who had more to teach him than he ever imagined.

You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time...a lot. In fact, your whole life can seem like one, big, wrong turn. But that's exactly what it takes to get you to the one place you want most.

Lively and warm-hearted, full of dry humor and unexpected twists, THANK MY LUCKY SCARS is an exuberant look at what we all ultimately want from life and the story we have been handed.

My Review:
What a powerful book with a powerful message. Ward Foley was born with multiple birth defects and very little chance of living. He was born with: Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita also known as AMC; and clubbed feet and hands. Arthrogryposis means the joints are curved or crooked. Multiplex means it affects more than one joint, and Congenita means the condition is present at birth. Arthrogryposis means the person is born with contractures. This means some of their joints don't move as much as normal and can even be stuck in one position. Very often the muscles around the joints are thin, weak, stiff, or missing. Extra tissue may have formed around the joints, holding them in place. About 1 in 3,000 babies are born with AMC.

Ward doesn't believe in beating around the bush. He just lays it all out on the line. He firmly believes that just because you are born with defects does not mean that even more bad things can happen to you because they can. For Ward Foley, it was like being born under a black cloud that followed him throughout his life. He was almost killed by a drunk driver, fell into a deep fryer, was beaten up by some cruel teenagers that he had been trying to help.

It would have been so easy for Ward to just curl up in a ball, close the blinds, lock the doors and say to heck with the whole world. But, that's not what he did for Ward Foley is a positive and optimistic man with a deep faith in God and what He teaches us. Ward works with hospice patients, gives speeches to adults, teenagers, and school-aged children and passes along his powerful message of hope for the future, love, faith, and his belief in having the true grace of God Almighty.

Ward's wit, humor and positive attitude is infectious and you'll find yourself grinning and snickering at what I term the "Ward-isims" throughout the book. You'll also love the "God moments" that Ward talks about where time and time again miraculous things happen. He doesn't try to cram anything down your throat he just tells his story like he was sitting across the table from you enjoying a cup of tea which is what makes him so endearing to those reading his story.

Ward Foley is a great example to all us! Grab a copy of THANK MY LUCKY SCARS and pay attention people, pay attention.

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