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Baker Publishing Group|June 6, 2013|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-8007-3387-2
It had been fifteen years since Lainey O’Toole lived in Stoney Ridge, a small Amish community.  Now all these years later her car breaks down in that very same town.  She had no plans whatsoever to stay as she was only passing through on her way to culinary school but when the local mechanic informed her that her car was unrepairable, she had no choice but to stay for at least a short period of time.
That very same day, the local bakery had posted a help wanted sign and Lainey took the job.  The owner had a sister who even had a room to rent right across the street from the bakery.  Lainey was all set up in one day.  Now she just had to work long enough to save up for a new car so she could continue her journey.  However, that’s not how things worked out for Lainey at all.  She was forced to face her past and discover how her decisions had affected so many other people. 
Bess Reihl is spending the summer with her grandmother, Bertha at Rose Hill Farm in Stoney Ridge.  Bess isn’t at all happy at the prospect of being there as Bertha is a domineering, out-spoken, and impulsive woman with a knack for drawing attention to herself and to Beth once she arrived in town. 
However, it isn’t very long before Bess realizes there is a specific reason her grandmother summoned her to Rose Hill for the summer.  Initially she’d told Bess’s father, Jonah that she’d had “female surgery” and required Bess’s assistance but in fact she’d only had a tooth pulled.   Bertha knew her son, Jonah well enough to know that he wouldn’t allow his daughter to spend the entire summer over a pulled tooth. 
Lainey and Bess will soon meet and their worlds will be rocked to the core!  The secrets that come to light will shock them both. 
The Search was as easy, quick, pleasant read with a good storyline and strong characters.  I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed stories about the Amish or Christian fiction. 

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