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Story Description:
Saberlee Books|January 23, 2012|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-9815836-3-1
At thirty-two, newspaper reporter Molly Hacker vows to never attend another wedding until she has had her own.  And that’s a problem because Molly’s youngest sister, Hannah, is going to be married in one year.  Armed with snark, wit, and fabulous good looks, “Picky Molly embarks on a quest to find Mr. Right in her hometown.  Things get complicated fast.  In no time at all, Molly has four “men of interest” and the memories of a lost love to send her overanalytic, befuddled mind into serious overdrive.  Determined not to let her “helpful” girlfriends help her right out of another relationship, Molly tries to keep mum on the state of her love life.  Her BFF male coworker, Randy, becomes her closest confidant as he stumbles over romantic issues with his new Mr. Right, Kyle.  Meanwhile, Molly’s gal pals aren’t too happy about being left out of the loop.  Tweaking Molly’s last nerve is the town’s most visible socialite, Naomi Hall-Benchley, who, for self-serving reasons, is hell-bent on setting up “Picky Molly Hacker” and she doesn’t care who she has to manipulate or hurt to do it.  Just how far will she go?  Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! takes the reader on a yearlong romp through Molly’s mind and a joyride through her life.  Her dating life, town secrets, a group of quirky characters, and Naomi’s machinations collide head-on at a holiday gala that will change the social landscape of Swansea forever.  As the New Year rolls in, Molly gets earth-shattering news.  Can she go on?  Will life ever return to abnormal again? 
My Review:
Thirty-two-year-old, Molly Hacker is just too picky when it comes to finding a suitable male to marry.  Three weddings ago, when her best friend got hitched, Molly swore it would be the LAST wedding she’d attend until she was the one at the front of the church saying: “I Do!”  But, her mother’s very best friend was getting married again so she had to break her promise to herself and attend but was able to do so without too many “insane pangs of envy stabbing my chest like daggers.”  She did, however, think to herself: “why the hell isn’t that me up there?”
Bad enough having to attend the wedding in the first place was the fact that Molly’s date, Tony, was a married man which brought everything from looks of pity to disgust from the other wedding guests.  Tony was estranged from his wife and she’d known him since high school so it wasn’t a real crime in her eyes anyway.  And, of course, Molly received her usual round of comments that if she just wasn’t so darn picky and gave a man a chance, then she wouldn’t have to bring another woman’s husband as her escort. 
By the end of the festivities that night, Molly swore that no matter what happened she would never attend another wedding again until it was her own.  She flew through the following year without attending one single wedding, despite the fact she’d been invited to three!!
Now, a year later, Molly is sitting watching her twenty-six-year-old sister, Hannah, getting dressed for her wedding.  It was August 27th.  Hannah is happy beyond measure at marrying, Matthew, her long time beau.
Molly worked as a reporter for the Swansea Herald.  One day her boss approached her with the news that the “society” reporter had quit and he needed Molly to do her job, in addition to her regular duties, until a replacement could be found.  Well, there was no way in hell, Molly was going to cover high-society weddings and watch a bunch of rich people say “I Do”.  She’d be forced to write about the umpteen-dozen bridesmaids, the overly extravagant surroundings, the showers, the engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and receptions.  Molly didn’t want any part whatsoever of other people’s weddings – period!  Luckily for her, Olivia, a recent hire was fresh out of college and assigned to writing Obituaries so she asked her boss if she could trade with Olivia and write the Obits instead.  Ray’s response was “sure, it’s your funeral” and added “Molly Hacker you’re too picky.”
Molly’s first Obit was rather unusual.  The nephew of the man who passed away wanted to meet, Molly at Starbucks in person so he said he could communicate the true essence of what his uncle was really like.  In actual fact, he’d already seen Molly’s photo and how beautiful she was, called the newspaper and got Randy, Molly’s BFF and confidante who in turn passed her number onto this nephew.  He was also looking for a date if you can believe that.  Molly, was a tad annoyed with Randy but forgave him quickly when he began telling her about his latest crush – one Kyle Tillman who Randy said has “bedroom eyes.”  Kyle was new in town and he and Randy hit it off from the beginning.  Jokingly, Randy told, Molly, “race you to the altar.” 
Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! continues on as we witness poor, Molly juggling the love interest of “four” very different men.  There are a lot of humorous scenes along the way and quirky characters that’ll have you clutching your stomach.  Molly must also fend off the town’s most well-known and visible socialite, one, Naomi Hall-Benchley who is constantly trying to set Molly up with someone but only if there is something in it for herself. 
Randy, who is Molly’s BFF and co-worker, was one of my favourite characters.  He too is struggling with a new romance so he and Molly make great confidantes for each other.
The story takes us on a year long trek through Molly’s life and let me tell you, that Molly Hacker may be picky but that girl has stamina!  And, just wait until you get a view of the holiday party and what happens there, you won’t be able to read fast enough to take it all in.  Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! is a beautiful, wonderful, joyous, and comedic story of one woman’s struggle to make it to the altar.  Well-done Ms. Brodey, well-done!!

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