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Story Description:
Baker Publishing Group|August 1, 2013|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-7642-1001-3
Judith Miller’s Novels Offer a Fascinating Look inside the Amana Colonies.
Joining the communal society of the Amana Colonies isn’t what Jancey Rhoder planned for her future but when unforeseen circumstances force her family to make some difficult decisions, she chooses to give up her teaching position in a Kansas City orphanage and move with her parents to Iowa. 
Her besotted suitor, Nathan Woodwoard, isn’t at all happy about the move and is determined to get Jancey to change her mind.  And Jancey herself isn’t sure what she’s gotten herself into when the simple life of the Amana Colonies means she’ll be assigned a job and may have to give up teaching for good.  Will Nathan woo her back to the city, or will she be forever changed by the mysterious events and new relationships that await her in the quiet villages on the Amana Colonies – and decide to make this unique place her forever home? 
My Review:
Jancey Rhoder was very happy with her volunteer job teaching the children; six boys and four girls, ranging in age from five to ten years.  All the children loved Jancey as much as she loved them.  All the children were orphans of the Kansas City Charity Home. 
During her off time, Jancey dated Nathan Woodward  - he hoped to marry her one day in the near future.  She still lived at home with her parents but her mother was very unwell and dying.  Jancey helped her father with caring for her as best she could. 
One evening father said that he and mother needed to speak to Jancey about something and it sounded serious.  He started off by saying that they’d already made a number of changes to the house in order to accommodate her mother’s declining health.  The current sitting room had once been a guest bedroom, and they’d even moved the dining table to one end of the room in order to eat their meals together when Mother couldn’t navigate the stairs.  At this point, Jancey was wondering what else her father could possibly say, then he dropped a bomb – they were moving to Iowa!!!!  Jancey’s mother wanted to move back to the Amana Colonies where she had roots from years before.  To say the least, Jancey was shocked – what did this mean for her?  Will she stay in Kansas and continue to teach?  Where would she live?  How would she support herself?  What about Nathan?  Should she go to the Amana Colonies with her parents?  What about her mother’s declining health, could father care for her on his own without her?  Oh dear, Jancey had so, so many questions to answer but answer them she does. 
A Simple Change was a most interesting read.
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