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Fiction Studio Books|March 5, 2013|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-193655855-1

 Against a backdrop of rebellion and intrigue, love between Javier Cartena, commander of insurgent Mexican forces, and Calypso Searcy, an American novelist at the pinnacle of her career, sizzles with passion across a broad sweep of history.  Encompassing time from the Conquest of the 1550s to the present, the story races across space as well, from the forests of Chiapas to the city of Paris.  There, an international investigative reporter named Hill picks up the swiftly vanishing trail of Calypso’s disappearance, and unwittingly becomes involved in one of the great dramas of the twentieth century and one of the great love stories of any age.

 My Review:

Fiesta of Smoke reads like a history book with a deeply passionate love story interwoven throughout the story.  From Paris to California to Mexico with great learning potential, the book powerfully unravels how tradition, culture, and sense of place affect the human heart.  It brings to life the power of the story and at the same time challenges us to discover all there is to know about Mexico and the Conquest of the 1500s to the present. 


Steeped in the history of Mexico, you will come to realize that to fully understand this story is a profound discovery and it’s the very exact opportunity offered to us, the readers. 

Aside from the Mexican history and its gleaming landscape, is the most beautiful and most powerful love story between the two main protagonists: Calypso Searcy and Javier Cartena.  Calypso is an American author at the height of her career who writes under the pen name, David Rockland.  Javier is commander of insurgent Mexican forces.  Their love is one that women the world over wish they had and strive to find. 

Fiesta of Smoke was a beautiful piece of narrative that looks into the mysteries of days gone-by and the joys of the human heart.  Ms. Still has penned a rare must-read treat!  I will definitely be keeping this as part of my permanent collection as it is the type of book that I want to experience again and again and again.  Well-done!!


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