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Story Description: 
Simon & Schuster|August 14, 2012|Hardcover|ISBN: 978-1-4516-9154-2 
This is a memoir for anyone who has ever fallen in love in Paris, or with Paris.  PARIS: A LOVE STORY is for anyone who has ever had their heart broken or their life upended.
In this remarkably honest and candid memoir, award-winning and distinguished author Kati Marton narrates an impassioned and romantic story of love, loss, and life after loss.  Paris is at the heart of this deeply moving account.  At every stage of her life, Marton finds beauty and excitement in Paris, and now, after the sudden death of her husband, Richard Holbrooke, the city offers a chance for a fresh beginning.  With intimate and nuanced portraits of Peter Jennings, the man to whom she was married for fifteen years and with whom she had two children, and Holbrooke, with whom she found enduring love, Marton paints a vivid account of an adventuresome life in the stream of history.  Inspirational and deeply human, Paris: A Love Story will touch every generation.
My Review: 
Paris: A Love Story is an unbelievably candid, open, honest memoir with no holds barred.  Kati Marton and her husband, Richard Holbrooke were deeply in love.  Kati had previously been married to news anchor Peter Jennings for fifteen years with whom she had two children – Lizzie and Chris. 
Richard died from a dissected aorta but following twenty-one hours of surgery his life could not be saved.  Kati was totally grief stricken in every sense of the word.  Her friends, including Bill and Hillary Clinton and her children from her previous marriage to Peter Jennings rallied around her.  Richard also had two children from a previous relationship – David and Anthony. 
Paris was their home, their life, and their love.  Paris represented to them everything in life that one holds dear. 
However, the book had more of an “all about me” ring to it and “who I know that is famous”.  I felt at times as though Marton had flipped through her datebook looking for things to write.  Although I did enjoy the book very much, and it truly was a love story as far as Kati and Richard went, a more appropriate title might have been:  Paris: A Story About Me & Who I Know.

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