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Story Description: 
St. Martin’s Press|December 21, 2010|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-312-67444-1 
In the final days of a falling Saigon, The Lotus Eaters unfolds the story of three remarkable photographers brought together under the impossible umbrella of war: Helen Adams, a once-naïve ingénue whose ambition conflicts with her desire over the course of the fighting: Linh, the mysterious Vietnamese man who loves her, but is torn between conflicting loyalties to his homeland and his heart; and Sam Darrow, a man addicted to the narcotic of violence, to his intoxicating affair with Helen and to the ever-increasing danger of his job.  All three become transformed by the conflict they have risked everything to record. 
In this much-heralded debut, Tatjana Soli creates a searing portrait of three souls trapped by their impossible passions, contrasting wrenching horror of combat and the treachery of obsession with the redemptive power of love. 
My Review: 
Just my luck to get a second book in a row that I did not enjoy at all.  I found The Lotus Eaters to be not only boring, flat, lacking character, uninteresting plot-line, and the most unenjoyable writing I’ve ever perused. 
Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t, so go ahead and give it a try and I sincerely hope you enjoy it more than I did. 
I can’t even write a proper review as I disliked the book that much and didn’t think it would be fair to do that. 
Good luck!

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