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Story Description: 
Revell|February 1, 2003|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-8007-5844-8 
Few New Testament characters are as fascinating as Simon Barjona, the man called Peter – a reluctant disciple who changed the face of Christianity.  For more than twenty-five years, author and pastor Larry Huntsperger has spent hundreds of hours studying New Testament documents in preparation for writing this fictional first-person account of the life of this enigmatic disciple. 
The result is a novel that faithfully follows Scripture while offering a powerful, fresh narration of the story of one of Christianity’s greatest men.  In the fast-paced chapters of The Fisherman, readers will relive Peter’s initial resistance to the pull he feels toward Jesus and his ministry.  They’ll walk with Peter alongside Jesus through the events of the Gospels and catch intimate glimpses of the disciples’ personalities.  They’ll even “feel” the dust on the roads as familiar stories are transformed into original, spellbinding accounts from Peter’s life. 
This fascinating novel will help readers “to see the Master as a man.  For, if we cannot see him correctly as a man, we have no hope of understanding him correctly as our God.” 
My Review: 
The Fisherman was a very moving story narrated in the first-person by Simon whom Jesus renamed Peter, “The Rock.”  Peter was a man like so many of us, we each have our own agenda on how Jesus should work in our lives but when He shows us the correct way, we often do the opposite.  What happened to “THY WILL be done?” 
Mr. Huntsperger managed to pen this novel in such a way that I felt throughout the book that He was talking to me.  I can’t believe the level of love that I felt nor the emotions his words invoked in me.  I feel I now have a much better understanding of Jesus through the way He talked and in the way Mr. Huntsperger presented the information. 
The vivid descriptions and the way in which the material was presented made me feel as though I was there.  In my mind’s eye I could clearly see Jesus and the twelve disciples and could feel the sand under my feet and the wind blowing through my hair.  The emotions this story invokved in me was real and there were times when I hung my head in shame and others where the tears were dripping down my cheeks. 
Mr. Huntsperger is a talented writer with the uncanny ability to place the reader into the pages of the book.  The disciples were just ordinary everyday people like you and I and I wonder had we been there then would we have been chosen to be a disciple?  The epilogue at the end added that extra umpf and was phenomenal.  This book was a real eye-opener and one that I will be reading again and again.  Thank you Mr. Huntsperger for penning a novel in lay-man’s terms that we could understand.

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