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Story Description: 

Baker Publishing Group|September 1, 2005|Trade Paperback|ISBN: 978-0-7642-2991-6 

Chronicles of the Kings – Book #3 has rewarded Hezekiah’s faithfulness with great wealth and power, but the godly king has no heir.  In desperation, his beloved wife takes forbidden measures to ensure fertility.  With all that is going on in his kingdom – and with the Assyrians approaching – Hezekiah does not discover his wife’s idolatry until it’s almost too late.   betrayal cuts to the very core of his being and belief in God.  Will his faith sustain him in the face of this deceit, and against an overwhelming enemy? 

My Review: 

King Hezekiah and his wife, Hephzibah, were very much in love but she remained barren.  Unable to provide her husband, the king, with an heir she turns to worshipping the fertility goddess which is strictly against Hezekiah’s rule.  This king only worships one God – Yahweh.  When the king discovers Hephzibah’s blasphemous behaviour he divorces her and banishes her to a life alone. 

Coping with his insurmountable grief over the loss of his beautiful wife, King Hezekiah listens to the wrong advice and becomes embroiled in what he thinks is “making allies” with other kingdoms.  He soon finds out that this was a huge mistake!  This fast-paced and action packed book will keep you turning the pages until you’ve turned the very last one!  Onto Book #4.

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