Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Story Description: 

It appears Jenna Bouvier is losing everything: beauty, family, and wealth. When her controlling and emotionally abusive mother-in-law accuses Jenna of an affair with her spiritual director and threatens to expose them, Jenna also risks losing her reputation as a woman of faith. Will she capitulate to her mother-in-law’s wishes again or fight for what she holds dear? As Jenna loses her life, will she find it? 

Andee Bell has found exactly what she wanted: fame, fortune, and respect. There’s also a special man in her life—Jenna’s brother. Despite her success, a secret quells Andee’s contentment. As memories torment, will she find peace in a relationship with God, or will she sabotage herself while also taking down the only person she cares about? As Andee finds her life, will she lose it. 

Moving between San Francisco and the Napa Valley, Jenna and Andee form an unlikely relationship that leads them to a crossroad. They can follow familiar inclinations, or risk it all and walk in faith.

My Review: 

Jenna is terrible at losing things she doesn’t mean too but somehow always manages to misplace everything.  Brigitte, her evil, controlling and abusive mother-in-law, doesn’t believe Jenna “accidentally” loses these things.  Jenna feels the missing items are an: “…outward manifestation of something inward”.  Luckily for her, her husband, Gerard, hasn’t noticed any of the lost items, nor she feels has he noticed the most important thing she has lost…”herself”. 

Jenna and Brigitte’s relationship is anything but close.  Jenna often cries out to God, begging for answers to how to please Brigitte and how to honour God in her relationship with Brigitte.  Her answer: “Stand back, Jenna”!  But Jenna doesn’t understand what it means to “stand back from Brigitte or from her life”.  But she does know there is a “change on the horizon, but change involves Jenna’s willingness to obey.  Jenna knows she must first stop drinking and doesn’t understand why she would turn to a “substance” instead of to “Him”. 

This was an exceptional story that had me so pulled in from beginning to end that I tuned everything else out in my life!  I didn’t hear the t.v., the telephone, or people talking to me.  Jenna’s story will take you on a whirlwind of intrigue, sympathy, excitement, and some very thought provoking moments.  The characters were so well developed that I kept forgetting they were fictional people.  Just like in real life you have the people you like and those you dislike and I certainly had a dislike toward the very evil and corrupt Brigitte, Jenna’s mother-in-law!  I also had a dislike for Andee in the beginning but as the story progressed, I began to understand who she finally became or was striving to become, thanks to Jenna.  There is so much I want to say in this review but it wouldn’t turn out to be a review without spoilers so I’m going to stop here and just hope that everyone reads “LOST AND FOUND”.  Thank you Ms. Yttrup for 402 pages of phenomenal reading!


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