Saturday, July 23, 2011


ISBN:                      13:978-0-7783-2866-7
PUBLISHER:        Mira

This lovely novel contains 3 classic stories from bestselling authors.

 Story #1 – The Way Home by Linda Howard

Story Description:  Anna Sharp risked her heart on a man who told her upfront he would never be more than her lover.  But when Saxon Malone learned she was pregnant with his child, he found himself suddenly a father…and wanting more of Anna than he had ever imagined possible.”


This was such a sweet story.  Intense in the beginning as the relationship between Anna and Saxon was full of sexual fire!  As the story moves along, the ever quiet, withdrawn Saxon begins to knock down the walls he built around himself when he learns of Anna’s pregnancy.  The protective walls he built were for good reason but as the impact of the impending birth of his child drew near, with Anna’s help Saxon begins to spread his wings and free himself of the ties that had bound him since he was a child.

 Story #2 – The Paternity Test by Sherryl Woods

Story Description:  The stick turned blue on Jane Dawson’s pregnancy test just in time to stop her biological clock from running wild.  But there was just one small problem – she’d unwittingly thrown her former flame into daddyhood!”


Ahhh, what a satisfying sweet love story.  I was so enamoured in the tale that I just had to read it in one sitting.  The story just goes to prove that “real” love does conquer all! 

Story #3 – The Stranger’s Son by Emilie Richards

Story Description:  Devin Fitzgerald was a talented, successful rock musician…and thinking about a change.  But he hadn’t planned on the biggest change of all: fatherhood.  Now he wanted to share the joys of raising his son – only, he’d have to convince Robin Lansing to let him into her life…and her heart.”


This was an amazing story and we learn that when we are honest and truthful about our feelings, great things happen.  When we try to blind ourselves to the deep truths we each hold inside, we become sad people.  Integrity is the key to a lot of our happiness.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful read!

  2. Nice review, "The Stranger's Son" seems like a particularly good one.